Humavant Human Milk Fortifier (Human, Pasteurized)


Humavanthuman milk fortifier (HMF) is the first and only commercially available human milk fortifier made from 100% human milk.

  • Intended for premature/low birth weight infants (weighing under 1250 g at birth)
  • Provides concentrated nutrition to help support the developing immune system and provide essential calories, protein, and minerals
  • Retains human milk oligosaccharide content similar to that of fresh human milk

Minimize Complications

Humavant™ HMF, when used as part of an exclusive human milk diet (EHMD), can reduce the incidence of medical complications and interventions.

Outcomes of Preterm Infants Fed Humavant vs. Formula

A large multicenter retrospective cohort study (1,587 patients) reported the compared outcomes of extremely premature infants (<1250 g birth weight) who received a diet including cow milk–based products vs infants who received an exclusive human milk diet. The results are consistent in both academic and real-world nonacademic settings, across multiple geographically diverse centers, and over a long period of time in a large study population.2

Optimize Growth

Early and appropriate advancement of fortification is achievable with an exclusive human milk diet (EHMD) and has been associated with weight gain exceeding targeted standards.4

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Weight, length, head circumference growth velocities for infants on Prolacta

A feeding protocol for infants weighing between 500 and 1250 g that provides an EHMD with early  and rapid advancement of fortification is associated with weight gain exceeding targeted standards*, with length and head circumference growth meeting targeted standards, and with a low rate of extrauterine growth restriction.4


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* When used as part of an EHMD. Outcome measures were statistically based on mean weight data.NOTE:  Product used in these studies was named Prolact+ H2MF®. The formulation of Prolact+ H2MF® and HumavantTM HMF is the same. Prolact+ H2MF® is the trade name in North America, and HumavantTM HMF is the trade name outside North America. The products shown are distributed in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Important notice: Product not suitable for use as a sole source of nourishment. Infant may require additional vitamins and iron added separately from the product. Product must be used under medical supervision. Not for parenteral use.