Humavant™ Neonatal Nutritional Products Are 100% Human Milk-Based


Humvant human-milk based human milk fortifier

Humavant™ HMF

Human Milk Fortifier (Human, Pasteurized)


Humavant™ CR

Human Milk Caloric Fortifier (Human, Pasteurized)


Humavant Donor Milk Humavant Human Milk Formula

Humavant™ HM

Human Milk (Human, Pasteurized)


Humavant™ RTF

Ready-to-Feed Fortified Human Milk


Prolacta Bioscience leads the industry in human milk safety and quality

Our Difference

Prolacta Bioscience’s proprietary methods for the standardization of human milk help provide a high level of product safety and quality. Learn more about our industry-leading safeguards that exceed current industry standards to provide the best human milk-based neonatal nutritional products possible.

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NOTE: The products shown above are distributed in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Important notice: The Humavant™ product family, except for Humavant™ HM, is considered food for special medical purposes for the dietary management of preterm infants (in Germany, Humavant™ HM is also a food for special medical purposes; it is classified as food in all other European countries). Humavant™ products are not suitable as the sole source of nutrition. Infants may require additional vitamins and iron added separately from the product. Humavant™ products should only be used under medical supervision and are not suitable for parenteral use.